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Our range of Amalia Line products was launched in 2014 in Valais. The meeting, many years ago, with a nature enthusiast, expert in the field of plants and phytotherapy, was decisive for our project to create our own range of natural cosmetic products.

A close collaboration ensued, combining the genius and know-how of our expert with our own experience, understanding the knowledge of consumer needs and their expectation of well-being. This is how, after several years of research and testing, a range of natural cosmetic products meeting all our requirements was born in 2014 under the Amalia Line brand.

Amalialine,, cosmetic products, body and skin care, online store

Amalia Donnet




Our experience in the field of cosmetics and skin care in particular has led our family business to develop a range of natural products produced and produced in Switzerland. 

A long-standing passion for what nature brings to our balance, the love of plants, as well as the know-how and the technique of the specialized laboratories with which we collaborate have allowed us to carefully select raw materials of exception for the development of our products in order to offer all that is best for your skin. 

We remain attentive to the varied needs of our customers. The cells and active ingredients incorporated in our creams are suitable for different skin types and provide them with all the desired benefits and protection. 

Concerned about your well-being, we are constantly improving our range in order to evolve with the times by adapting to changes of all kinds, in particular climatic, while following the teaching that nature gives us.

Amalialine,, cosmetic products, body and skin care, online store


The values of our company are rooted in respect for nature and the environment. Therefore all our packaging is recyclable and comes from Switzerland and the European Union. 

Our products are not tested on animals and do not contain animal substances. 

We do not use harmful substances, such as parabens and GMOs, in the development of our products.

Amalialine,, cosmetic products, body and skin care, online store

Cindy O'Cearbhaill

Sales manager

À propos: Notre objectif
Amalialine,, cosmetic products, body and skin care, online store

natural perfection created by love and passion for well-being and beauty.

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