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Terms of sales 

UPDATED: July 17, 2022


Information about our company:


Amalia Synergies Sàrl, Route suisse 4, 1296 Coppet, Switzerland.


VAT number: CHE-116.308.131 VAT


Commercial Registry Number: CHE-217.226.499


1. General framework

1.1. These general conditions of sale (the "GTC") govern the contractual relationship between Amalia Synergies Sàrl and its customers for the online sale of Amalia Synergies Sàrl products, in particular the Amalia Line range. (products").

1.2. The online order of Products from Amalia Synergies Sàrl by the customer implies the acceptance without reservations or conditions of the GCS that the customer declares to have read and understood.

1.3. Any derogations from the T&Cs are only valid if they have been made in writing between Amalia Synergies Sàrl and the customer.

2. Order

2.1. The products presented for sale on the website of Amalia Synergies Sàrl are subject to availability in the stocks of Amalia Synergies Sàrl and supply from its suppliers and manufacturers. The presentation of the Products for sale on its website does not constitute an offer to enter into a sales contract with Amalia Synergies Sàrl. The customer's order constitutes an offer to conclude a purchase contract between itself and Amalia Synergies Sàrl. Confirmation of an order by Amalia Synergies Sàrl does not constitute acceptance of the customer's offer to conclude the purchase contract but only receipt of his order. The contractual relationship between Amalia Synergies Sàrl and the customer begins when, the items ordered being ready for dispatch, Amalia Synergies Sàrl confirms the shipment to the customer.

2.2. All information on the products, such as, in particular, their destination, use, technical specifications, photos, etc. appearing on the Amalia Synergies Sàrl website are provided for information purposes only, without commitment or guarantee from Amalia Synergies Sàrl. The authentic information is that of the manufacturer appearing on the packaging and/or the container of the Products delivered.

3. Price​

3.1. The prices indicated on the Amalia Synergies Sàrl online store are in Swiss francs (CHF), 8% VAT included and excluding delivery costs. For orders sent outside Switzerland, the Swiss VAT is automatically deducted but the customer remains responsible for the VAT and all other taxes due in connection with the importation of the goods into his country.

3.2. Ancillary costs, such as, in particular and where applicable, postage and packaging, as well as supplements depending on the means of payment used, are indicated separately.

3.3. The date of the order is decisive for fixing the price. Price changes during the execution of the order are not taken into account.

3.4. Amalia Synergies Sàrl may modify the prices indicated on its site at any time and without notice.

3.5. The sale price does not include any advice, technical assistance or other service of any kind.

4. Means of payment

4.1. Amalia Synergies Sàrl accepts as means of payment the main credit cards generally used in Switzerland.

4.2. When purchasing with a debit or credit card, the amount is debited at the time of the order. Amalia Synergies Sàrl may activate or deactivate specific credit or debit cards at any time, without notice. When paying by credit or debit card, customer data is transmitted in encrypted form under the sole responsibility of the payment organization. The goods are dispatched only after confirmation of the acceptance of the payment by the organization of payment.

4.3. Amalia Synergies Sàrl may exclude certain means of payment generally or for individual customers, without providing any justification.

5. Terms of payment

5.1. If a customer is late with part or all of the amount of a purchase, Amalia Synergies Sàrl may suspend without notice the remaining deliveries, in whole or in part, until the entire debt has been settled.

5.2. If a customer does not settle his debt after the extension of the payment period, Amalia Synergies Sàrl may demand compensation and proceed in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO). Amalia Synergies Sàrl has in particular the right to delegate debt collection to an external company.

5.3. Amalia Synergies Sàrl may levy supplements on certain means of payment and modify them without notice.

5.4. The products delivered by Amalia Synergies Sàrl remain the property of Amalia Synergies Sàrl until the full amount of the purchase (including all supplements) has been paid to Amalia Synergies Sàrl. The customer undertakes to take good care of the products as long as they are the property of Amalia Synergies Sàrl.

6. Orders

6.1. Only orders placed through the store appearing on the Amalia Synergies Sàrl website are taken into account. Orders by e-mail, telephone, or any other mode of communication are not accepted.

6.2. Orders by minors or persons under guardianship are only permitted with the written authorization of their legal representative.

7. Deliveries.

7.1. Deliveries are made by Swiss Post, unless there is an express written agreement for another mode of delivery. The goods ordered cannot be collected by the customer from the premises of Amalia Synergies Sàrl.

7.3. Delivery takes place within 5 working days, following confirmation of receipt of the order by Amalia Synergies Sàrl and confirmation of acceptance of payment by the payment agency. The delivery times indicated by Amalia Synergies Sàrl are indicative. This is not a firm date. If the delivery time cannot be met, the customer may cancel his order after more than 30 days have passed the delivery time initially planned, without compensation for the customer.

7.4. Amalia Synergies Sàrl may cancel confirmed orders, due to external circumstances beyond its control, without compensation for the customer. The amount of the order already paid by the customer is returned to him at short notice.

7.5. Amalia Synergies Sàrl can make partial deliveries if necessary.

8. Risks, damage linked to transport.

8.1. Products are shipped at the customer's risk.

8.2. Once the Products have been delivered to the Post Office by Amalia Synergies Sàrl, any guarantee on its part for any damage caused to the Products during their transport, as well as any liability whatsoever, are excluded.

9. Return and exchange.

9.1 Subject to the following provisions, the Products delivered cannot be taken back or exchanged.

9.2 in the event of a delivery error concerning the type and/or quantity of Products delivered in relation to the order, as accepted by Amalia Synergies Sàrl, the customer must inform Amalia Synergies Sàrl in writing upon receipt of the Products concerned. . The customer can then return the said Products, unopened, undamaged and in their original packaging, to Amalia Synergies Sàrl, at the latest within 5 working days of their receipt. After having received the products in return Amalia Synergies Sàrl will exchange them within the delivery period provided for in article 7 above

10. Seller's Warranty.

10.1. Subject to fraud and gross negligence, any warranty from Amalia Synergies Sàrl is excluded in the event of defective Products and/or their packaging. More generally, any direct or indirect liability of Amalia Synergies Sàrl for any possible liability in connection with the sale of Products to the customer is excluded.

10.2. Please and at its total discretion, Amalia Synergies Sàrl may accept the return and exchange of defective products, taking into account in particular the size of the order and/or the nature of the defect.


11. Applicable law and forum.

11.1. The contractual relations between Amalia Synergies Sàrl and the customer are subject to Swiss law exclusively to the exclusion of the Vienna Convention on the international sale of goods.

11.2. The competent court in the event of a dispute is the District Court of La Côte, in CH-1260 Nyon.



Amalia Synergies Sàrl

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